To most people Drones may be viewed as just toys; but the truth is drones are doing way lot more already including saving life’s and improving a lot of industries in Africa.


  1. As we speak right now, In Rwanda, they are already using drones to deliver medical organs like hearts and blood. Rwanda has been very open minded when it comes to new technology and now most countries in Africa are beginning to use drones as well.
  2. Drones are being used for security. In South Africa most individual farmers have suffered a great stock loss and drones are slowly helping with this. Mostly they can even catch this people but if they don`t have any hard evidence against these criminals then they have no case with the police. But now with drones, at least you can record a day light footage and also at night using a thermal camera on the drones. I was speaking to one of the Avocados farmers at one stage, and he was so eager to know how drones can help in his situation. He purchased one of the DJI Drones- DJI Matrice 210 and he came back like 2 months later and they had avoided criminals entering their properties by just hovering their drone inside their property.
  3. Drones are being used as first responders
  4. Drones are being used for fire fighting
  5. Drones are being used for farming
  6. Drones are being used for Photography
  7. Drones are being used for search rescue
  8. Drones are being used for fishing as a hobby
  9. Drones are being used for mining