DJI Terra

Well, it’s about time you do something about joining the map processing field DJI. 28/03/2019 DJI launched the DJI Terra – The mission planning, data acquisition, area mapping, and data analysis software.
This is DJI’s answer to the Drone Deploy and Pix4D software, well it kind of took a while to get this one rolling. The software has 3 missions that it can do at this point in time, we are not quite sure if DJI will and more missions as time continue to add more missions as time moves.

Waypoints Missions Planning

For those of us who have used the GS Pro or any other other DJI app that has the waypoints functionality, this one is a step forward in terms of what you can achieve, giving you the chance to do what would take a number of flights on a manned mission to complete, allowing you to change the drone’s altitude and speed of the drone, and also the pitch angle of the camera/payload thus improving the accuracy of the mission.

Aerial Mission Planning

Allows you to plan better with options to adjust the overlapping settings, giving you way better ways to improve the quality of your project, this is used to create a better 2D mapping.

Oblique Mission Planning

The 3D map making option that gives you up to 5 overlapping options to give you the best 3D picture stitching quality, The 5 flight routes correspond to the 5 camera headings – downward, forward, backward, leftward, and rightward. That is impressive DJI, very impressive.

The question is will it be more competitive to the Drone Deploy software, an will they end up making a mobile app for this software, if not, the question of their competitiveness to Drone Deploy or Pix4D is rather questionable. Another limiting factor at the moment is that the software is currently only supporting the Phantom Series drone from the normal Phantom 4 all the way to the Phantom 4 RTK. This, of course, leaves people with the Matrice, Inspire, and Mavic series excluded from the chain, not cool DJI, not cool.

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