How Drones are fighting against COVID-19 in S.A

In the battle against Corona Virus, different technologies have stood out by making contributions in unexpected and responsive ways. As the outbreak of the virus continues to grow, these technologies have helped in containing the spread of the virus and cross-contamination from human to human. One of the most outstanding is the Drone Technology, which I would like to discuss below:

Thermal Camera detecting Corona Virus

Drones are equipped with thermal cameras that can easily detect the fever by monitoring the body temperature to identify any potential cases. High fever is one of the Cov-19 symptoms. This is a great way to curb the virus as it informs the medical workers of any red flags when it comes to the virus. Anyone with access to these new tools can help improve their environment and help society, as we have seen in the past few weeks.

An example is Africa Drone Kings which has already engaged in the fight against the virus, by using a Thermal Camera drone which detects the high fever (a symptom of the Virus) :

One of the superpowers in the drone industry DJI has also released a statement with regards to this, “We are proud to empower these individuals any way we can, and we will continue pushing forward with Drones For Good to protect emergency responders as well as the public at large.

We hope the lessons learned from this crisis will help us use drones, sensors and other cutting-edge solutions even better during future medical, humanitarian, disaster response and relief missions”.