1. Hikvision Temperature Screening thermal cameras

These thermal solutions have advanced algorithms which enable them to measure temperature with a non-contact function which is accurate. With these, one can actually measure the temperature with very high accuracy in real-time. The other advantage of this solution is that it discovers and tracks people with higher body temperature in a crowded space or public area! Another great feature is the face detection function, which is brought about by the thermal imagery technology, which allows detection without any contact! This is one of the greatest technology that has been introduced to help fight the spread of Covid-19. For more information, follow this link https://africadroneking.co.za/?s=thermal+temperature&product_cat=0&post_type=product

2. Drones

In SA, drones have been helping spread the message about Covid-19, especially in rural areas. A good example is whereby the drone broadcasts a message to people in far-off areas where it’s hard to access crucial information. Drones, therefore, offer a greater advantage when it comes to spreading information. Another way that drones can be used to fight this pandemic is by delivering medical samples and delivering essential goods too. They can also be used to spray disinfectant in larger spaces, therefore, reducing the risk of the spread of the virus. By using drones, time and cost will also be saved. Another great way that drones can help is by screening body temperature by a thermal camera. For more information on these specific products, please follow the links:




3. Protective Masks

To help prevent the spread of the virus, people are being recommended to wear cloth face masks while in public spaces, be it offices or malls where its difficult to maintain social distance from others. The advantages of these masks include being washable after use, lowers the risk of the spread of the virus too.