Giving you a helping hand

So why enterprise drones?

Drones give a whole new perception to things. Giving you a unique view from the sky and accessing places people normally can’t. Drones also run for longer than humans do, not needing to stop and sleep. They can also carry cameras of virtually any capability as well as provide live feeds to mobile devices.

As more and more drones are released, strenuous tasks become simple. Thanks to drones like the Mavic 2 Enterprise and Matrice 30T, jobs such as Firefighting and Law enforcement are made just that much easier.

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced VS DJI Matrice 30T

So What Do I Choose?

Both are beautiful drones and it all comes down to what will work best for you. Below is a table with a short comparison in specs between these 2 drones:

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

Packed with a bucket load of features, including a high- resolution radiometric thermal camera as well as the option of accessories. Yes that’s right you can add accessories such as beacons, a spotlight, as well as an RTK and speaker. An amazing 48-MP 1⁄2” CMOS Sensor, taking videos in 4K and lets not forget its zoom lens of 32x digital zoom. The drone also comes password protected, safeguarding all your sensitive data.
All of this makes the Mavic 2 Enterprise perfect in several industries: Law enforcement: Take as an example something looks off with your fence, perhaps it was fine a day ago but now it’s been cut . Thanks to the drones camera, you will be able to check the drones video surveillance footage, and further investigate what has happened. You could also use the drone to follow fleeing suspects and provide the police with real-time tracking info. Firefighting : Search and rescue missions are made easier by giving you all the information you will need to coordinate your response and lessening the chances of putting people at risk. Telecommunications: Making telecom engineers jobs safer for maintenance checking on cell towers. Construction: Generally used for roof and building inspections, providing you with a quick visual of all the things one should find on a roof.

The Matrice 30T

The M30T, versatile, powerful and comes equipped with thermal capabilities. This drone not only looks cool, but it comes weatherproof, the best for the unpredictable. While similar to the Mavic 2 enterprise advanced, it differs in design, camera abilities and price range.
When it comes to it’s looks, it’s like a mashup of both the Matrice 300 and Mavic 2 Enterprise. Taking all the things that make the other drones great and becoming greater. With an impressive 16x optical zoom, stretching to 200x max hybrid zoom and a laser rangefinder (Great for detecting accurate coordinates of objects up to 3900 feet away). Thanks to its resilience to the elements, this bad boy is great for firefighting, it helps provide firefighters with situational awareness assisting them in decision-making. Agriculture: Another industry in which the M30T can assist in. Inspection and surveying has never been easier, helping you to check up on pest damage, irrigation needs and nutrient deficiencies. A few other industries that the M30T can be helpful in include: Telecommunication and construction.