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CLP 12 Searchlight & Broadcasting System


One devices two functions Small and powerful

Broadcasting and lighting two-in-one design, Weigh only 288g, Lightweight, long duration of flight.

Excellent sound and light effects

LRAD Sound Technology & Optical Imaging, 122dB Ultra-high sound pressure, Effective illumination distance up to 100m, Effective sound distance up to 200m.

Bionic Aesthetic Appearance and Excellent Technique

Unique appearance with morning glory petal design, Perfect integration of industrial design and production technique.

Quick mount and dismount for easy use

Unique Assembly and disassembly design, OSDK Perfectly adapted to M30/T.


Electrical interface DJI OSDK
Weight 270g (without quick-release 283g (With quick-release bracket) bracket)
Dimensions/mm L162°W111*H75
Searchlight power/W Regular mode: 30W Ultra bright mode&Flashing mode: 40W
Broadcasting power/W 15
Supply voltage/V 24
Luminous flux/lm 20003%
Searchlight FOV 13
Illumination distance/m 150 130 100 50
Spot diameter/m 34 29.6 22.8 11.4
Illuminated area/m2 917 688 407 102
Central illuminance/Lux 1.7 2.5 4.5 20
Controlled rotation range of the gimbal Pitch -120*~+45*
Maximum sound pressure/dB 120
Effective broadcast distance/m 200m@74dB; 350M@69dB
Broadcast method Live broadcasting Upload the recording Audio file playing Text to speech (supports Background sound multi-language)
Audio format Imp3/wav/m4a/flaclaac
APP support CZZN Pop-up window/DJI Pilot
Operating temperature -15°C-+40°C


The LP12 is a compact and efficient searchlight and broadcasting payload designed for the DJI M30 enterprise drone. It combines the imaging optics of the Gimbal Light Series with LRAD long-distance broadcasting technology. Weighing just 270g, it offers effective illumination up to 100m and broadcasting up to 200m. Integrated with the DJI Pilot APP, it provides convenient access to all functions for easy operation. Ideal for security patrols and outdoor search and rescue scenarios.

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