FlytNow by FlytBase

Automated Drone Software for DJI Dock

FlytNow by FlytBase is an advanced drone operations software that offers seamless integration with the DJI Dock. It provides a comprehensive set of features to empower automated drone flights, manage drone operations, plan and execute missions, and monitor and analyze data from a centralized dashboard.

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FlytBase Edge Kit for Full Autonomy

Preloaded with the following FlytBase software modules, this all-in-one kit is the key to fully automated operations.

FlytNow Reimagined for Remote Drone Operations

FlyfNow By FlytBase features:

Automated Flights

Conduct repeatable drone operations – monitor drone flights, conduct pre-programmed missions for repeatable missions or deploy on demand, and view HD video feed in real time.

Safe and Reliable

Precision-landing algorithm ensures the drone lands on the drone charging pad with centimetre-accuracy. Control opening and closing of the Dock, trigger auto-charging, view telemetry, and leverage weather data.

Secure Deployment

Multiple deployment options, including from a private cloud – such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.Secure Options – or private local server.

FlytNow by FlytBase

FlytNow by FlytBase is a cutting-edge and comprehensive drone operations software that seamlessly integrates with the DJI Dock.Empower automated drone flights, manage your drone operations, plan and execute missions, and monitor and analyse data from a centralised dashboard.FlytNow benefits a range of industry applications, including asset inspection, site security, public safety, and construction and mining.

Integrated Design

Advanced Video Management

View live video feeds from multiple drones on a single dashboard and securely share them with team members and stakeholders.

Mission Scheduler

Schedule and plan missions in advance, repeat missions as needed. Set waypoints or corridor actions for the flight path and make modifications in real-time.

Drone & Docking Station Control

View real-time drone and docking station telemetry and control the dock’s HVAC remotely based on geography.

Intrusion Detection

Detect intruders and instantaneously receive an alert on the FlytBase dashboard in the event of a breach.

DJI Dock Powered by FlytBase

Remotely conduct autonomous drone operations 24×7 by deploying the all-new DJI Dock for your specific use case regardless of the location or weather.

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