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CZI FT10 Spitfire

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Product Description


  • A high-power green laser-aiding system to “point where to hit” - There is no need to adjust the camera during operation, simply adjust the aircraft’s position based on the actual flame effect, locking the target when the fire is sprayed.
  • Adjustable Direction Sprinkler - After initial positioning via the aircraft camera and visible green laser, there’s no need to alter the aircraft’s attitude; the nozzle’s direction can be precisely adjusted to clear any obstructions.
  • Gasification ignition head, built for windy environments - With a high-voltage arc to ignite the vapourised alcohol fuel-air mix, the system improves ignition success rate in windy conditions.
  • Nozzle valve - Achieves instant fuel cutoff, eliminating fuel dripping issues. Quick-disconnect fuel tanks for efficient ash removal and increased productivity.
  • Powered by single-use compressed carbon dioxide - The replacement of the high-voltage electric pump improves the aircraft’s endurance, allowing hassle-free operation. It also assures a completely anaerobic safe environment within the system.
  • An adjustable pressure system ensures that flame distance can be customized for diverse and challenging application scenarios.
  • The aircraft’s operational weight is ≤3.1kg and does not obstruct the aircraft sensor. This guarantees battery life stability, doesn’t interfere with the aircraft sensor, and ensures secure and stable flight.
  • Independent control box system, easy to maintain and upgrade.
Model FT10 V1.5
Size 785mm Length X128mm Width X230mm High
Weight FT10 (EMPTY): 1.9kg

Full fuel :3.1kg

Compatible fuel 95% Alcohol
Maximum volume ≤1.5L
Ignition method High voltage pulse ignition
Adjustable range of nozzle angle Tilt ±15° Horizontal ±20°
Aiming system Laser Visual Aiming
Burning distance Adjustable from 3 meters to 7 meters (no wind)
Supported models DJI M300 RTK
Load interface DJI SKYPORT
Rated power 40W
Communication link DJI UAV Link
Minimum time Single continuous working time ≥ 50S