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CZI GL60 Plus Gimbal Spotlight

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Product Description

The GL60 Plus gimbal searchlight adopts 4 groups of optical imaging components, each group consists of 4 lenses combined, emitting a
sharp light column with only angle of 15 degrees, consistent color and even brightness, and stable output of 24lux optimal illumination, effective irradiation distance up to 150 meters. Its effective illumination area is of 1225 square meters, elevating the aerial illumination effect
of UAV night operation to a new standard. It is compatible with DJI M200V2, M300RTK and other series of UAVs through DJISkyPort V2.0
interface, which can meet the needs of night inspection, warning and disperse and orientation indication, power grid patrol, search and
rescue and other night operations.

Dimensions: 126 X 131 X 167 MM
Weight: 750g
FOV: 15
Supply voltage:
PSDK 17V + OSDK 24V / PSDK 17V
Gimbal movement range:
Pitch -110 degree to + 30 degree
Horizontal +/- 200 degree

LED linear dimming adjustment
High power LED light source
Max. power 120W
Optimum illuminance 24lux
Linear light and dark adjustment

Product Advantages
Lightweight design
Large area lighting
Maximum lumen

Non-reflective bowl design
Imaging-grade optics
Ultra-lightweight design:
Fully sealed body
IP55 water and dust resistant


mount/release Interface DJI SkyPort V2.0
Weight 750g
Size 126 X 131 X 167 MM
FOV 15
Supply voltage PSDK 17V + OSDK 24V PSDK 17V
Total Power 128W 68W
LED power 120W 60W
Illumination 13400 LUMEN +/- 3% 8000 LUMEN +/- 3%
Illumination efficiency 111.67 lm/w 133.33 lm/w
Searching distance 50m 100m 150m 50m 100m 150m
Light Spot diameter 13.2m 26.4m 39.5m 13.2m 26.4m 39.5m
Illumination area 136m2 544m2 1225m2 136m2 544m2 1225m2 Central illumination 85Lux 24Lux 11Lux 45Lux 12Lux 6Lux
Function Mode
Always on 120w 60w
Flashing 120w 60w
Gimbal angle adjustment Auto Follow, Brightness adjustment
Gimbal movement range

Pitch -110 degree to + 30 degree;
Horizontal +/- 200 degree

Gimbal movement range designed

Pitch - 110 degree to +40 degree;
Horizontal full direction 360 degree;
Horizontal rolling -90 degree to +60 degree;

Operating temperature

: -20 degree centigrade to +50 degree