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Product Description

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AeroScope is a comprehensive drone detection platform that rapidly identifies UAV communication links, gathering information such as flight status, paths, and other information in real-time. This monitoring data stream helps users make an informed response as soon as possible.


Stationary Unit

Designed for continuous protection of large-scale sites, the Aero Scope stationary unit also supports customization and construction according to the specific site and user demands to completely cover the surrounding airspace. Under the  ideal conditions, the system can monitor a range of up to 50 km and obtain key information from drones in as fast as 2 seconds.

Monitoring data can be integrated with users' existing security systems to efficiently provide an integrated monitoring system. This system also supports public cloud, private cloud, and local deployment, capable of meeting specific needs such as off-site monitoring and data segregation.

Portable Unit

The portable unit is designed for temporary events, mobile deployments and similar scenarios. The entire unit is enclosed in a single carrying case, which allows users to quickly begin operating in a new or mobile location. The portable unit can be powered by on board TB50 Intelligent batteries or by an available power supply. It works flexibly on the move, is also portable providing convenient drone-monitoring solutions for emergencies and wherever stationary units are not available.

Backstage Management System & SDK

The AeroScope Backstage Management System is the core of a comprehensive drone security system. Using advanced information management technology, this system provides central monitoring, command, and investigation tools, integrating with data collected from previous flights.

The AeroScope Backstage Management System is a comprehensive and convenient system for enterprises to monitor drones and help make the public airspace safer. It also supports a Software Development Kit (SDK) to meet customers’ specific demands and support the integration of different systems.


Government Sites


Power Plants

Prohibited Military Zones

Secure Locations

AeroScope Software

AeroScope has been successfully deployed and used near airports, stadiums, and private companies to detect and mitigate unwanted drones. Even  when Aeroscope doesn’t offer 100% protection, it can be layered with other solutions such as AirGuard to provide a near 100% coverage. AeroScope does implement many useful features and benefits to users. Luckily, where the system falls short, solutions like AirGuard can integrate with AeroScope and extend a more complete security package to end-users.