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Drone Fishing- Phantom 4 Gannet X

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Product Description
  1. Mounts to your drone in under 2 minutes with only a screwdriver and a cutter to snip the zip ties short,
  2. Is fully autonomous and self-sufficient with its own rechargeable battery,
  3. No need to modify your drone in any manner nor do you need to open it,
  4. Lifts the load centrally under all 4 props to ensure equal loading,
  5. All electronics and the entire drive are kept far away from the light-bridge antennas and compasses that are located in all 4 the drones legs. Thus ensuring interference-free operation of your drone even at long distances,
  6. It is activated by the front LED lights of your drone which can easily be turned on and off using your C1 or C2 buttons on your drone’s remote. Alternatively, you can set the camera of your drone that when you start recording that it automatically switches the lights off, stop the record and the lights are back on and the device is in its closed position,
  7. All 4 flight LED lights to remain fully functional and visible (No LED is covered up),
  8. Can do more than 50 drops on a single charge,
  9. Has more than 2 weeks standby time if left on accidentally,
  10. Can drop your fishing line over a kilometer far out,
  11. Sleek and light it is barely noticeable on the drone and can be left attached indefinitely, it is so small and well-mounted that the drone can be stored in its original packaging without any modifications.
  12. Weighs less than 50grams.