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Geoslam ZEB Horizon

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Product Description

A handheld LiDAR scanner, suitable for drone mapping applications as well as indoor use. This powerful tool helps make the mapping process simple. With a range of 100m, the ZEB Horizon is great for outdoor use including spaces where features are positioned further apart.

Lightweight and rugged, simple to use, fast to capture and easy to process giving you the most accurate information you need to make the most important decisions. The ZEB Horizon is a complete 3D scanning solution for accurate, high quality and professional results.

The ZEB Horizon is as flexible as you are. Use handheld or pair with one of our many mounting options. Take your ZEB to the skies by mounting to a UAV or reach those difficult places with the cradle or pole.

Key features :

  • Lightweight and compact for easy deployment
  • 300,000 scanner points per second – conduct quality scans in less time
  • 3D scanning with a survey grade relative accuracy of up to 6mm dependent on the environment
  • 100m range
  • Rotating LiDAR sensor for the widest field of view
  • Use outdoors, indoors or underground. Mount it to a drone, a backpack or a vehicle.
  • No additional positioning sensors required
  • No need for GPS
  • Uses powerful SLAM technology – perfect for mobile mapping
  • See intensity values
  • Flight plan according to the area, features and overlap
  • Processing on site – data quality and coverage check
  • Georeferencing possibility – checkerboard, spheres, white lines etc.
  • Camera availability – Use the GeoSLAM ecosystem for point cloud colouring and mesh creation