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HEISHA D135 Drone Charging Dock for DJI M300

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Product Description

HEISHA D135 Drone Charging Dock for DJI M300 Description

HEISHA D135 is a smart drone charging station made for the DJI Matrice 300. It has both a charging pad which can easily adopt the classic contact method to charge after centralizing the drone and an air conditioner section, which supports both cooling and warming station. It has T3 section that has the mission planning computer, router, and remote control bracket. You can easily store, charge, and deploy your drone to complete missions using the HEISHA D135. It only weighs 275kg. Its single-motor mode is extremely simple and stable ,its designed in a way that eliminates the elevator control failures and the synchronous control issues during the double-opening process.

Highlights of D135 Charging Dock

1)Charging time :Fully charged in 1.5hs, solo charging module, no battery reinstall needs, easy to install

2)Compatible with: Work with DJI Matrice300/Matrice210, and other non-DJI drones with the similar size

3)Any weather: Built-in air conditioner to work in any weather and temperature. The electronic weather station is integrated to monitor the surrounding conditions.

4)Firm structure: Single-axis rotation structure with the most simplified mechanic motion for a stable and reliable performance. Fishbone structure of the canopy empowers a sturdy and durable shell.

5)Size and weight: Open size: 160cm*160cm*110cm

Close size:160cm*160cm*160cm

Weight: 275kg


Size : Closed: 160*160*160cm – Open : 160*160*110cm

Weight : 275kg

IP Rating : IP54

Material : Full sheet metal processing

Voltage : Standard working condition: equal or less than 450w-Peak working condition: equal or less than 500w

Working power : AC 220/110 V

Working temperature : -20degrees -55degrees celcius

Drone capacity : 1

Installation site : Ground or roof

Operation mode : Fully automated

Charging time : 1.5 hours

Recycling method : Autonomous and precise landing(visible)

Drone power supply method : Charging via wire

Protection : Overvoltage, overload, power-off protection

Constant temperature system :Constant temperature system, thermal-protective coating

Remote monitoring :Remote image transmission, monitoring around the dock

Lifespan :Equal or greater than 5000hours