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LIGH-T 4-ruggedized tethering station for drones

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Product Description

LIGH-T 4-ruggedized tethering station for drones

Ligh-T V is a ruggedized tethered drone station, offering extended possibilities for police forces, first responders and drone operators requiring a permanent aerial position.

Designed to withstand harsh transport conditions and deployable on any type of terrain, Ligh-T V can be operational in seconds through its Dual Mode Tether Management.


Improved operational management through flight data recording

Understanding of equipment usage, display of flight statistics through detailed flight data

Overview of the tethered station and onboard battery status to monitor drone performance and ensure optimal operations

Automated Motorisation

Ligh-T v.4 winch is now powered with a compact engine for secured  tether unwinding

Mechanical Handle

For enhanced availability, your tethered system can be wound or unwound manually

Compatible with:

  • Matrice 200 V.2
  • Matrice 200
  • Inspire 1

Ready to use and rugged

Elistair tethered drone station

It is the perfect plug-and-fly tool to have to ensure fast and safe surveillance, defense, public and private safety, incidents/natural disasters assessment, and pops up telecommunication missions.

The smart system is completed by the T-Monitor application that allows full monitoring of the drone tether station’s state during each flight.

The Ligh-T V4 has been thought, designed, manufactured, and tested to meet the needs of operators seeking a modulable, ready to use and rugged tool.