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MS600 PRO Multispectral Camera

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Product Description

The camera is remote sensing for agriculture analytics Bursaphelenchus xylophilus inspection River ecological environment monitoring Poppy plant screening

Compatible drone Platform

M300RTK M200 series


-Field of view: 43.6°HFOV; 33.4°VFOV

-Typical width: 96m*72m@h=120

-The shortest photo interval: 1s

-Spatial resolution GSD7.5cm@h=120m”

-Trigger mode: timing, overlap rate

-Storage space: default 64G,

-Maximum 128G” power consumption: average 7W, peak 10W

-Interface: DJI-SKYPORT

-Weight: 290g

-Image format: TIFF, JPEG

Domestic first:

6-channel multi-spectral camera, manufactured by the Chinese Academy of Sciences team

Spectral channel:

Choose 6 from 17 wavelengths, free to choose

Ingenious design:

The photoelectric system is fully upgraded to get spectral data swiftly and more holistically

Accurate addition:

High-accuracy radiation calibration with real-time correction of ambient light radiation, more precise spectral data

Smart dimming:

High vigorous collection sensor, real-time dimming of multi-objective global enhancement, increase the amount of original image information

High compatibility:

Deeply cooperative with DJI M200 series and M300 RTK drone flight platforms, plug and play