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QL 1200-Petrol-electric Hybrid Drone-WALKERA

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Product Description

Petrolelectric Hybrid Drone, Super Long endurance Flight Operation Platform

120 minutes flight time | Petrolelectric hybrid power 30x optical zoom camera | Foldable & portable design 

Petrolelectric hybrid multirotor UAV delivers long flight time and large load 

Walkera gasolineelectric hybrid solution QL 1200 applies an advanced hybrid power technology, in which an integration of gasoline engine and generator dynamically combines the advantages of gasoline and electricity. To be specific, the gasoline engine can drive the generator to transform excessive energy into electricity, and electricity is used to drive the rotors to achieve high flexibility in manipulation. The maximum noload flight time with full fuel is 120 minutes, which is four times the flight time of pure battery-powered multirotor UAV. Flight range is up to 72 kM.


  • 90 minutes  flying time
  • Drone with a hybrid power system
  • Fuel and lipo battery
  • 30 X optical zoom camera which can observe the details of the scene 1 km away
  • Foldable design- six arms can be folded
Oil electric hybrid EFI multirotor
-Ql1200 adopts advanced integrated power technology of gasoline engine with generator, which organically combines oil power and electric power. The high energy of the fuel is retained through the oil power generation. Keeping the operation of electric drive flexible according to adopting Electric drive rotor.
-Long flight time and heavy load
-Maximum flight time without load and full fuel: 90 minutes, it is three times that of the pure electric multi-rotor, with a range of 43.2 km.

Infrared thermal camera

Infrared thermal imaging cameras have the advantages of strong penetrating ability, long detection distance, recognizable hidden objects, temperature detection, and day and night viewing. the target can be identified under adverse climate conditions.

Industrial Application Software
We developed an APP for QL 1200 that greatly simplifies the flight operations. It is convenient for the operator to plan the operation route, check the operation progress, monitor the real-time situation, and display the operation parameters and flight parameters in real-time.
High-brightness Display Screen
Display screen with a maximum brightness of 2000 cd/m², It’s about twice as safe and reliable as ordinary mobile devices, and it’s still visible in direct sunlight.
Folding six-axis rotor design
Six-axis rotor structure design, improve flight power. At the same time, the six arms can be folded and can be placed at the rear of the pickup truck for transportation.
HD Image Transmission
QL 1200 integrates the advanced 2.4G and 5.8G dual-frequency long-range video transmission system, which makes

the maximum video transmission range as long as 6KM. Long-wavelength, strong anti-interference ability,

stable and reliable transmission.

Easy To fit Any Environment

Dust-free, Waterproof, Anti-disturbance

With IP43 protection: Basic waterproof &dust-free. Strong wind resistance of 5 levels, flight altitude can reach to 4km.

Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, be able to carry out the inspection and inspection of powerful

electromagnetic radiation equipment such as power facilities and communication facilities.

Be able to inspect and supervise power facilities, communication facilities and other equipment

with strong electromagnetic radiation. It is widely used in search and rescue, traffic forensics, military police investigation, border patrol, material transportation and other applications.



Symmetrical motor wheelbase 1285mm
Fuselage size Unfold1200×1360×690mm; Folded:590×654×690mm
Propeller size Diameter×pitch: 24×7.9 inch
Weight Self-weight (including battery without fuel) 14.75kg; maximum take-off weight 18kg
Remote Control WKRC-H15Z
Brushless Motor KV value: 180 rpm / V; stator size: 62×15 mm
Brushless ESC Continuous current: 80A; Support battery: 6~12S; PWM input level signal: 3.3V/5V compatible; Compatible signal frequency: 50~500Hz
Max. rising speed 5m/s
Max. falling speed 3m/s
Max. horizontal flight speed Positioning mode 5m/s, common-mode 8m/s, attitude mode 15m/s
Max. tilt angle Positioning mode 20°,common-mode 22°, attitude mode 20°
Max. angular velocity 120°/s
Max. flight altitude 5000m
Max. wind speed 8m/s
Hover accuracy Vertical: ±0.5m (when GPS positioning is working normally); Level: ±1.5m (when GPS positioning is working normally)
Intelligent flight assist battery 44.4V 1800mAh 75C 12S LiPo
No-load full oil maximum flight time 90 minutes (120 mins 5l version)
Max. range 43.2km
Working temperature -10°C to +40°C

EFI Engine

Drive Single Cylinder Gasoline Hybrid Engine
Weight 4.5kg (including spare parts)
Size (L × W×H) 230×226×260mm (without silencer)
Displacement 32CC
Generator WK-WS-100-001
Power 2.4KW
Output voltage DC50V
Power battery 12S (Capacity ≥ 1800mAh, discharge rate ≥ 75C)
Oil Consumption 900g/kw.H (Hover 1.8 L/H)
Spark plug NGK CMR7H
Fuel type 95 # above unleaded gasoline + 2T synthetic lubricant
Fuel ratio 25:1
Environment temperature -20℃ to 40℃
Maximum altitude 5000m


Stable System 3 Axis (Pitch, Roll, Level)
Controllable accuracy Static:±0.008°; Motion:±0.02°; Shake-proof:±0.008°
Controllable range Pitch:-110° to +60°; Leve:±150°; Roll:±10°
Max. controllable speed Pitch:30°/s; Level:30°/s; Roll: direct control angle


Sensor 1/2.3 SONY IMX117 CMOS
ISO Range 100-3200(Video) / 100-1600(Photo)
Video Resolution 4K 30fps
Photo Resolution 3840×2160
Focal Lenth 6.7-134.5mm
Zoom Ratio 30X optical zoom
Zoom Speed About 2.0s
Horizontal View 59.8°- 3.0°(Wide Angle-Telescopic)
Close-shot Distance 10 – 1500mm(Wide Angle-Telescopic)
Video Storage Maximum 64Mbps
Compress Standard H.264 / H.265
Files format JPG/MP4
Support Micro-SD Micro SDCard (Max. 128G, transmitting speed is C10 and above or UHS-1)

Remote Controller

Screen 7.86inch; Resolution: 2048×1536; Brightness: 2000 cd/m2
Working frequency 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual frequency
Internal storage RAM: 4G; ROM: 16G
System Android 5.1
Signal effective distance About 6KM (open, no occlusion, no electromagnetic interference)
Video output interface HDMI
Built-in battery 7.4V 9000mAh LiPo 2S
Memory card type Maximum support for 64GB microSD card
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