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Sniffer4d V2 Multi-gas Detection System

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Product Description

Sniffer4D is a complete drone-based multi-gas detection system which consists of a drone-mounted gas detection device and powerful analytic software. Sniffer4D is able to measure and visualize real-time gas concentration distribution, providing timely & actionable information for industries such as environmental protection, inspection and emergency response. Through DJI SkyPort, Sniffer4D can be seamlessly integrated with DJI M300 RTK and M210 series.

Up to 9 Parameters at a Time | Verified Data Quality | Cellular Connectivity | Plug & Play | Front & Back Warning Lights

Ultra-short Warm-up Time | Expansion Ports | API | OTA Update

Sense Up to 9 Gases at a Time

Sniffer4D is capable of sensing up to 9 gas and particle concentrations at one time. Users can freely choose or alter their sensor configurations that suit their applications and budgets.

Available Parameters (choose up to 9):

PM2.5 PM10 SO2 CO NO2 O2 O3 VOCs

LEL / CH4 CO2 H2S NH3 HCl H2 Cl2 PH3

Gas Sampling Wind Speed & Direction Radiation

Other Customized Parameter:


– PM, O3, NO2, CO, SO2, VOCs for ambient air monitoring;

– VOCs, CH4, CO, Cl2, O2, NO2, H2S for HAZMAT response;

– VOCs, CH4, H2S, SO2 for oil & gas plant leak detection.

See Your Real-time Data, Anywhere

Sniffer4D’s built-in cellular connectivity* & US-based Cloud server enable secure real-time data transmission with unlimited range to decision makers in different locations.

*Supports 4G/LTE/3G/EDGE/GPRS

Advanced Real-time Visualization

Sniffer4D Mapper software visualizes and analyzes data from one or multiple Sniffer4D(s) in real time, giving instinctive& insightful information for decision makers.

One-click Result Delivery

After a mission, simply click a button to create a mission report containing key results, or a CSV datasheet containing all the raw data. Reporting your work has never been easier.