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Sony a6100

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Product Description
Real-time Tracking

Follow your subject with reliable precision

Whether you’re covering a sporting event or chronicling daily life, keeping moving subjects in constant, stable focus is very essential to getting every key shot. You can rely on Sony’s advanced AI-based1 subject-tracking algorithms to process vast amounts of geographical data quickly and in real time.

Autofocus you can rely on

Wide AF area, super-fast acquisition speed and persistent tracking

For significantly improved detection accuracy, the camera’s extensive AF coverage is built on dense arrays of 425 phase-detection points and 425 contrast-detection points. A cutting-edge processing engine’s quick performance aids in a stunning 0.02-second3 AF acquisition speed, and cutting-edge algorithms strive to estimate your subject’s future location.

Superior image resolution and natural-looking textures

To maximise light-collection effectiveness, the APS-C sensor uses copper wiring for higher conductivity and improved circuit processing. This allows for greater image quality and more realistic-looking textures when used with the most recent iteration of image processing engine.

Fast Hybrid AF for movies

Phase-detection AF and contrast-detection AF working together

To satisfy the demanding autofocus requirements of 4K videos, Fast Hybrid AF offers excellent speed, accuracy, and tracking performance. More efficient utilisation of the contrast-detection AF system improves overall accuracy while enabling more stable focal plane phase-detection AF. Even when anything crosses in front of your subject, a steady, smooth focus is kept.