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TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery
Up to 41 minutes flight time in a foldable enterprise drone.

The TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery is built especially for the DJI M30 drone series.

The new self-heating TB30 battery design can support at least 400 charge cycles and allows a 41-minute flight time. Smart BS30 charging case allows quick battery charging from 20% to 90% in 30 minutes thanks to new fast charging capabilities.
TB30 batteries are charged using the DJI Matrice 30 BS30 Charging Station.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Matrice 30 and the Matrice 30T?

The Matrice 30 series includes two versions: M30 (its gimbal and camera have three sensors: wide-angle camera, zoom camera, laser range finder) and M30T (its gimbal and camera have four sensors: wide-angle camera, zoom camera, laser range finder, thermal imaging camera).

Which version of the M30 is compatible with the DJI Dock?

The DJI Dock is compatible with the M30 (Dock version) and the M30T (Dock version), but not regular M30 series drones.

This is because the M30 (Dock version) has slight differences in its body to be compatible with the DJI Dock. When you purchase the DJI Dock, it includes the M30 (Dock version) or the M30T (Dock version).

Does DJI Care Enterprise come with the M30 Series?

Yes, DJI Care Enterprise does come with the M30 Series.

DJI Care Enterprise offers a comprehensive care package for your aircraft.

Please note that DJI Care Enterprise (Basic) is included with the M30 Series. This includes two replacements and a 'low-priced' replacement fee.

You can upgrade to the Plus package for an additional cost. The Plus package includes an unlimited number of replacements, with no replacement fee.

Is frame arm lock detection supported?

Supported. M30 series aircraft comes with frame arm lock function. If the arm is not unfolded properly, the app will give a warning to prohibit takeoff.

How long does it take to fully charge two TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries?

With a BS30 Intelligent Battery Station, it takes about 50 minutes to fully charge the two TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries, about 40 minutes to charge up to 90%, and only about 30 minutes to charge up from 20% to 90%.

Can TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries be used in low temperature environments?

TB30 Intelligent Flight Batteries can work in operating environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C (-4°F) to 50°C (122°F).

Battery life will be shortened when used in low temperature environments. Please plan your flight times accordingly.

For optimal battery performance, it’s recommended to keep the battery temperature above 18°C (64°F), or heat the battery to 18°C (64°F) with its self-heating function (a takeoff limit will be triggered if the battery temperature is below 10°C (50°F)

Can I board a plane with a TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery?

TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery’s power level is 131.6 watt hours. Please comply with local airline regulations when planning to fly with batteries.

Why does the battery heat up when stored for a long time?

Long-term storage of a lithium battery at full charge will significantly shorten its battery life. In order to ensure safe storage and extend the battery life, a fully charged battery will activate its auto-discharging function to discharge itself to a level of about 60%. During the auto-discharging process, it will release some heat, which is normal.

Does the BS30 Intelligent Battery Station support auto-discharging?


Is the M30 series remote controller (RC) compatible with the Matrice 300 RTK?

Not yet, but will be in the future.

Can the gimbal and camera of the M30 Series be replaced with other payloads?

Gimbal and camera are fixed cannot be replaced.

What photo modes are available on the M30 series aircraft?

Single Shot, High-res Grid Photo, Timed Shot, Panorama, and Smart Low-light Photo

How to use the gimbal lock function? Why does it need to lock the gimbal?

Flip the gimbal up by 90° to lock its tilt. Lock the tilt to better protect the camera lens and prevent scratches during transportation or storage of the aircraft.

The gimbal can be quickly and easily unlocked when arriving at the operation site, greatly reducing preparation time for the operation.

Does the M30 series support SDK function?

Supports Payload SDK and Mobile SDK.

The Payload SDK interface on top of M30 series aircraft integrates the functions of Onboard SDK.
Please contact [email protected] for further technical support.

Does the M30 series support accurate mapping?

Not supported.

The M30 series is not designed for aerial surveying.
Users can plan a flight path and capture photos in the aerial FPV mode of DJI Pilot 2.0 App, but the model's accuracy is not guaranteed.

Can the M30 series be used with D-RTK 2 Mobile Station?

Yes. Upgrade the firmware of D-RTK 2 Mobile Station to the latest version to use with the M30 series.

How to upgrade the firmware of the M30 series?

Connect the aircraft to a computer and update the firmware of the aircraft, remote controller (RC), and D-RTK 2 Mobile Station by using DJI Assistant 2 For Enterprise.

Use DJI Pilot 2.0 App to update the firmware of the aircraft, remote controller (RC), and BS30 Intelligent Battery Station.

Download the firmware on DJI website, and insert the SD card with the firmware package into the aircraft for offline update.

See the User Manual for more information.

Does the M30 series support dual control?


Which apps are supported by the M30 series?

DJI Pilot 2.0 (For Android) and other software developed by using MSDK.

Can the M30 series be used in different regions?

The M30 series includes two versions: the Chinese version and the International version. Please check with the local aftersales service centre and the dealers about the availability of the product.

Will DJI launch an official M30 series backpack?

There is no plan to launch an official backpack.